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Lowongan Kerja Kapal Api Global

Kapal Api Global is a holding company comprised of seven Business Units with the motivation to be more aggressive and professional in expanding Kapal Api Group of business in the future.
  • PT Agel Langgeng which sells candies and is now expanding to biscuits
  • Excelso CafĂ© which is the cafe extension of the coffee business
  • PT Fastrata Buana which serves to distribute coffee products and candies to all parts of Indonesia.
  • PT Sulotco Jaya Abadi which operates a coffee plantation in Toraja
  • PT. Santos Jaya Abadi which produces coffee product
  • PT Santos Premium Krimer which produces non-dairy creamer
  • PT Weiss Tech that produces production machines and espresso machines.
With more than 8 decades of success history, our various products and business (e.g Kopi Kapal Api, Kopi ABC and Kopi Good Day; Relaxa & Gingerbon Candy; Ceremix Cereal; Leading cafe Excelso; etc) have sustained and lead the market for years.

From coffee plantation to ginger candy, from producing to distributing, Kapal Api Group presents only the best quality to become a dominant player in the global market.

Kapal Api Group invites energetic and talented professionals to join its growing business and become part of the winning team.

Our  Vision:
To be a dominant and well-respected food and beverage company in Asia.

Our Mission:
We aim to achieve a sustainable market leadership position by delivering excellent value to our customers through continuous innovation, world class processes, financial strength and great people.

Kapal Api Group always stays true to its “Five Core Values” in runing its business.  The five core values are: Customer Focus, Integrity, Team Work, Continuous Learning and Work Excellence.

Lowongan Kerja Kapal Api Global

Posisi : Organization Development Staff
Jakarta Timur - Ciracas

Job Description :
  • Melakukan review Jobdesc untuk level SPV below baik di Kantor pusat & kantor Cabang agar terupdate sesuai dengan perkembangan organisasi dan melakukan distribusi jobdesc yang telah disetujui ke KP dan KC
  • Membuat gambar struktur organisasi sesuai dengan perubahan / perkembangan struktur yang telah diajukan dan divalidasi oleh Dept Head & Div Head.
  • Melaksanakan dan mendesain materi dalam bentuk grafis yang berkaitan dengan program / project sesuai dengan yang dibutuhkan.
  • Memonitor & memastikan jalannya program internalisais budaya perusahaan berjalan di Cabang.
  • Melakukan maintenance, upload dan update materi program – program Organization development yang berjalan secara berkala baik program portal online maupun offline.
  • Melakukan filling seluruh dokumen yang berkaitan dengan operasional Organization Development termasuk dokumen Job Description & Struktur Organisasi

  1. Usia maks 30 tahun
  2. Pendidikan minimal S1 semua jurusan
  3. Fresh graduate atau pengalaman 1 tahun sebagai staff OD
  4. Menguasai Ms. Visio & Ms. Excell
  5. Menguasai software design visual
  6. Penempatan : Kantor Pusat - Jakarta Timur

Lowongan Kerja Kapal Api Global ini berlaku sampai 7 Juni 2017, silahkan melakukan lamaran secara online di link berikut >>
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