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Job Vacancy Bank Central Asia December 2012

Job Vacancy Bank Central Asia December 2012. Bank BCA is the largest private bank in Indonesia. The bank was established on 21 February 1957 as Bank Central Asia NV and once an important part of the Salim Group. BCA was officially established on February 21, 1957 as Bank Central Asia NV. A lot of things have passed since the time of its establishment, and perhaps the most significant is the financial crisis that occurred in 1997. The crisis brought a tremendous impact on the entire banking system in Indonesia. However, in particular, this condition affects at BCA's cash flow and even threatened the rest. Many customers panicked and troop withdraw their funds. As a result, the bank was forced to seek assistance from the Indonesian government. Restructuring Agency (IBRA) took over BCA in 1998. Thanks to the business policy and decision-making wise, BCA successfully recovered in the same year. In December 1998, the third-party funds have returned to pre-crisis levels. BCA assets reached Rp 67.93 trillion, while in the month of December 1997 only Rp 53.36 trillion. Public confidence in BCA was fully restored, and BCA submitted by IBRA to Bank Indonesia in 2000.

job vacancy bca

Job Bank BCA 

Subsequently, BCA took a major step by becoming a public company. IPO took place in 2000, by selling shares of 22.55% from IBRA divested. After the IPO, IBRA still controlled 70.30% of the shares of BCA. The second stock offering conducted in June and July 2001, with IBRA divested 10% more of his shares in BCA. In 2002, IBRA took off 51% of its shares in BCA through a strategic private placement tender. Farindo Investment, Ltd.., Based in Mauritius, won the tender. Today, BCA continues to strengthen its tradition of good corporate governance, full compliance with regulatory, risk management and a commitment to both customers as well as transactional bank or financial intermediary institutions. Through this Job Site, we tell you about Job Vacancies Bank Central Asia December 2012. Come join us for make your career and become profesional at position as :

Business Analyst

Requirements :
  1. S1 with min GPA 2.75, Economics / Management / Business / Accounting / Statistics / IT
  2. Male / female with maximum age 30 years\
  3. Has logic and strong analysis skills
  4. Preferred experience in application development / develop program
  5. Ability to work in a team
  6. Strong communication and interpersonal relationships
  7. Detail and meticulous
  8. English is an advantage
  9. Having a strong understanding of business processes
If you have interested and meet qualification of Job Advertisement Bank BCA above, please send your Job Application and CV before 3 Januari 2012 to :

BCA Vacancy

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