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Job Vacancy Skylar Direct Jakarta December 2012

Job Vacancy Skylar Direct Jakarta (Appco Group Indonesia) December 2012. Skylar Direct Jakarta is part of the company's International Sales and Service Markering based in Sydney, Australia. As an organization, we've been operating for more than 25 years, we have more than 800 lantor in 26 countries around the world such as Europe, America, Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, and Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, The Phillipines, Thailand, and Hong Kong). We are now looking for local people to Indonesia we can develop from the marketing area and into the area of ​​our management to lead our branch offices in Jakarta. As a large organization, we are working with international clients world-class banking (Amex, Citibank, Visa Card, Master Card, etc.), Telecommunications (SingTel, Digi, Maxis, Talk to talk, etc.), the World Organization (Unicef , WWF, UNHCR, Save the Children, etc.), and energy companies (Australian Power and Gas).
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We opened Indonesia in 2006 based in our head office in UOB Plaza - Thamrin Nine and as a company, we aim to expand our open a new branch office at the end of this year. We are looking for individuals who have good communication skills to be able to join our dynamic marketing team. Then do the marketing in the event with the team, increase client data base, brand awareness and provide good customer service to the community on behalf of clients everyday. Throug this Job Site, we tell you about Job of Skylar Direct Jakarta. Come Join us for make your career and become profesional at position as :

International Sales Marketing (Training Management program)
Jakarta Raya - Thamrin Nine

Responsibilities :
  • Improve customer data base for clients in the event / street marketing our
  • Brand awareness on behalf of clients
  • Perform good customer service natas client names
  • Learn about our marketing system and learn about our management area
  • Conducting training and recruitment in the future
  • Running one of our branches at the level of management
Requirements :
  1. Graduate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree / Master's Degree in any field
  2. Have 1 year of experience in the communications field is excess
  3. Have a positive attitude, good work ethics and professionalism
  4. Have the flexibility to travel and work outside the office
  5. Pleasant personality and able to work together as a team
  6. Full time job - office / retail hours
  7. Interested in the industry Sales and Marketing
If you have interested and meet qualification Job Vacancies Skylar Direct Jakarta above please send your Job Application before January 01, 2013 to :

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