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Lowongan Kerja PT Prakarsalanggeng Majubersama

Back in 1979, a handful of engineers at a family owned company with technology at the back of their minds and lots of bravery started to build tanks of high-quality stainless steel. They never thought that the ’master piece’ they made at a workshop on a rented plot somewhere on one of the old suburbs of Jakarta, would lead them to the establishment of a company as progressive as what it is presently.

In those days other stainless steel constructing companies dealt with household products or non-industrial tanks. MAJU BERSAMA was the first one to start building special stainless steel industrial tanks. The success of the initial work made for a traditional herb manufacturer brought the company in contact with other manufacturers demanding more varied requirements and specifications.

Through repeated experiments and innovations the engineers at MAJU BERSAMA earned their unbeatable reputations. The name began to be identified with international quality recognized by advanced industrial countries such as Holland and Germany. Its customer based increased along with the growing awareness of the reliable quality and economic value of MAJU BERSAMA especially in substituting imported equipment.
Following the development of the company which at present comprises more than 200 employees, the plant was moved to a more expansive location belonging to the company

" Togetherness Leads to Success "

For us, people matter much more than machine. While machine allows efficiency at work, we persistently place people at our foremost attention. Our success has always been the fruit of the expertise of our finest staffs combined with the state-of-the art hi-tech of our machines.

However, what is a machine without the man to operate it? behind every piece of work for our customers are highly reliable, qualified and motivated people with impressive records of project exposure. Withe the majority coming form mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and food technology backgrounds, our staffs has always grown together with the company showing marked sense of belonging as reflected in their involvement with every turn in the company's business direction.

To our pride our company has shown high rate of staff retention. We believe that it is a tribute to conducive working environment providing every individual ample opportunity for self development and actualization, and eventually to excel.

In return to the loyalty shown by our people, we implement regular training both in-house and externally through courses and seminars by governmental agencies and educational institutions, in addition to our periodical skill updating tests.

Our Vision
To become the main choice and a reliable partner for customers

Our Mission
To support customers to produce excellent product by supplying indutrial equipment, made of steel, specifically stainless steel, through the resources capability development, attention to technological advances and continously obliged to fulfill stakeholder prosperity.

Lowongan Kerja PT Prakarsalanggeng Majubersama

Posisi : Project Engineer
Jakarta Barat

  • Prepare tender
  • Componen/ equipment selection
  • Mechanical calculation
  • Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering
  • 5 - 7 years working experience at the same position
  • Skill in calculation Tank, Pressure Vessel, Heat exchanger
  • Familiar with tender/bidding and technical document
  • Skill in autocad, Solidwork, PV Elite, e-Tank
  • Have knowledge about plant design, calculation and  isometric drawing & flow process equipment
  • Familiar with WPS, PQR, ASME, ISO, DIN JIS, etc
  • Good team player, hard worker, result oriented, initiative and able to work under pressure
Core Business:
  • Design and manufacturing of stainless steel equipments
Manufacture Products:
  • Piping process, transmission and gas distribution
  • Tank, vessel, heat exchanger & other equipment for food & beverages, cosmetic, chemicals, petrochemicals, pulp and paper and oil & gas industry

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