Sabtu, 29 September 2012

Jobs Vacancy - PT. Blue Gas Indonesia

Jobs Vacancy - PT. Blue Gas Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT Tigaraksa Satria Tbk, a company leading the field of assembling and distribution of kitchen appliances and gas-refill requires the candidate is dynamic.

PT. BLUE GAS INDONESIA since 1991 under the name PT.Camping Gas Indonesia, which is a PMA Company (Foreign Investment, the Application Des Gaz and Tigaraksa-Holding). In the year 2000 there is a change to domestic investment (domestic investment) and the company name changed to PT. Blue Gas Indonesia. The products we produce the gas stove, hose, regulator, gas cylinder and gas refill withblue gaz brand. We also participate in disseminating the use of LPG to the entire people of Indonesia, which previously used kerosene as fuel for cooking.

We invite you to join us for jobs position as :

Field Customer Care (FCC)
Bandung (West Java), Cirebon (West Java), Tasikmalaya (West Java)

Requirements :
  1. Man
  2. Maximum 28 years
  3. D3 any discipline (preferably engineering) 
  4. Can a motorcycle
  5. Can use power tools
  6.  Mastering the location area of responsibility

If you have interested and meet requirement above, send your full CV before October, 19th 2012 to :

PT. Blue Gas Indonesia
Gedung Tigaraksa
Jl. Raya Pulo Gebang Km. 3 Cakung – Jakarta Timur
Email ke : atau

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