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Lowongan Kerja PT Indolakto (Indomilk)

PT INDOMILK was established in 1967 as a form of foreign investment to produce sweetened condensed milk in a modern way for Indonesian. In 1986, PT INDOMILK gained the PMDN status (Domestic Investment) after undergone several transformation in technology and capital.

To strengthen the synergies in corporate entities, we carried out the merger of PT. Australia Indonesian Milk Industries (PT. INDOMILK), PT. Indomurni Dairy Industries, PT. Ultrindo, PT. INDOLAKTO and PT. Indoeskrim into a single umbrella of business, namely PT. INDOLAKTO in April 2008.

PT Indolakto is one of the largest producers company of dairy products in Indonesia. Popular brands such as INDOMILK, Cap Enaak, Tiga Sapi, Orchid Butter, and Indoeskrim have been known for decades. Indolako produces; powder milk, liquid (Ultra High Temperature or UHT, sterilized bottled, pasteurized) and sweetened condensed milk. In addition, it also produces butter, ice cream and yoghurt drink. To fulfill demand’s market, PT Indolakto has built 5 factories in Jakarta, West and East Java.  

Our Vision:
“To be the market leader of dairy product in Indonesia and to bring good corporate image anywhere in the world through high quality products.”

Our Mission:
Creating added value for PT. INDOLAKTO by delivering high quality products throughout the world through good business management and utilization of opportunities of cooperation with foreign and domestic partner as well as possible.

“Halal” Certificate:
In early 1994, PT. INDOMIILK is the first dairy company in Indonesia to attain a recommendation to add the ‘HALAL’ statement on all its products after fulfilling the stringent requirements imposed by Indonesia Ministry of Health, Indonesia Department of Religion, and the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) in the following cases:

• Raw material
• Formula
• Processing
• Tools
• Work facility hygiene
• Quality control
• Packaging
• Waste disposal

Three Star Charter Food Safety:
In March 2007, PT. INDOLAKTO got Three Stars for Food Safety category in Food Star Award from the Republic of Indonesia National Agency of Drug and Food Control for its achievement in implementing Food Safety Management System consistently according to HACCP, ISO 22000.

Halal Assurance System
Our company had set Halal Assurance System guidelines in order to ensure the product rightful. Halal Assurance System is an integrated system as an inseparable part of the company's quality policy, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, GMP, and Halal Internal Audit which implemented in the company to provide lawful guarantee to consumers or products users. Halal Assurance System Guide set to be understood by all levels of management and employees. In the year 2008 and 2009 the company gets Halal Assurance System Status (SJH) from the LPPOM-MUI with category A (Good).

ISO Certificate:
Our company is very concern about the quality of the product, therefore we introduced a system of quality management and food safety along with halal assurance system in order to produce safe and lawful quality products to meet customer satisfaction. PT. INDOLAKTO has received ISO certification since 2000 until now. In November 2008, the company is certified to ISO 22000:2005 for food safety management system covering the process of receiving raw materials, production processes, quality control and storage of finished goods. In October 2009 the company got the ISO 9001:2008 for quality management system applied to the entire plant.

 Lowongan Kerja PT Indolakto (Indomilk)

Posisi : Compesation & Benefit Officer

  • Provide valid data and analysis related to benefit report
  • Working with third party (Insurance, Hospital, etc) and government regarding benefit implementation
  • Working closely with SAP Module Payroll & Benefit
Requirements :
  1. Bachelor degree from Economic / Computer Engineering
  2. At least 2 years working experience in related field
  3. Required skills on HRIS and Advance Ms Excel
  4. Understand Comben program, BPJS, Payroll, insurance & Labor law
  5. Strongly organized person, good in calculation and detail oriented
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