Minggu, 18 November 2012

Job Vacancy PT Bank BCA Syariah November 2012

Job Vacancy PT Bank BCA Syariah November 2012. PT Bank BCA Syariah beginning of a commercial bank named PT Utama International Bank (PT Bank UIB) based in Jakarta. In 2009, Bank BCA, PT Bank UIB acquired and then perform the conversion process their operations into Islamic banks, with the name of Bank BCA Syariah. Of the conversion process, on 5 April 2010, BCA Syariah officially opened. In order to realize the vision and mission of BCA Syariah, funding a variety of products, services and financing have been developed and marketed to the Community.
Lowongan BCA
For business development that will support the future expansion of PT Bank BCA Syariah, through Job Vacancie Bank BCA we give you the opportunity to meet the qualifications required for the position :


Responsibilities :
  • Serving transaction front office operations and procedures in accordance with the provisions of the
  • Perform the completion of the transaction Communication Time Out (CTO) or off line.
  • Manage the provision of cash in the cash box according to Teller limit.
  • Perform end of day teller balancing in accordance with the provisions and procedures of the Bank.
  • Resolving differences occurred on the same day.
  • Perform other front office operations in accordance with the program of work, rules and procedures Islamic Bank.
Requirements :
  1. Age 20 s.d 25 years
  2. Male / Female
  3. Minimum education Diploma 3
  4. Skills needed (Soft Skills / Hard Skills) : Ability clerical, Skills in recognizing counterfeit money, Skills in recognizing money mutilation, Spry, Charming, Enthusiastic, Friendly, Thorough
  5. Additional Skills Ms Office, English
  6. Work Experience : Have experience min. 3 years as a bank teller, preferably have experience as a teller at the BCA
If you have interested and meet qualifications Job Advertisement Bank BCA November 2012 above, please send your Job Application and complete CV before December 8, 2012 to :
PT Bank BCA Syariah
Jl Raya Jatinegara Timur No.72
Balimester Jatinegara
Jakarta Timur 13310