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Job Vacancy PT Sinar Sosro

Job Vacancy PT Sinar Sosro. PT Sinar Sosro is a tea Company. PT Sinar Sosro is a ready to drink tea in bottles the first in Indonesia and in the world. The company produces tea in a bottle called Tea Bottles, Joy Tea, Fruit Tea, etc.. The raw materials of tea for PT. Sinar Sosro coming from the tea plantations of Mount Rosa (Cianjur), Mount Manik (Cianjur), Mount Cempaka (Cianjur), Mount Satria (Garut), regional Neglasari (Garut), regional Cukul (Pangelengan), and the Sambawa (Tasikmalaya).

Job Vacancy PT Sinar Sosro

PT. Sinar Sosro established in 1974, is a ready to drink tea in bottles the first in Indonesia and in the world. PT. Sinar Sosro have basic or philosophy, outlined in the 3K and RL are concerned about the quality, care for the safety, care for the health and environmentally friendly.

Along with business development company, starting on 27 November 2004, PT. Sinar Sosro and PT Gunung Slamat shelter under a holding company (holding company), PT Putra Rekso Anggada Noble (Group Rekso).

October 2012, through this Job Website we will tell You, Job Seeker. PT Sinar Sosro have Job Vacancies for position as :

Audit Staff
(Jakarta Raya)
Requirements :
  1. Maximum age 28 years
  2. Minimum Education S1 majoring in Accounting with a minimum GPA of 2.75
  3. Minimum 1 year experience in same position
  4. Communicative and able to operate the computer well
  5. Thorough, honest and hardworking
If You have interested and meet qualifications Job Advertisement PT Sinar Sosro, please send Your Job Application and CV with latest photo to :

Manager Personalia dan Umum
PT SINAR SOSROJl. Raya Sultan Agung KM 28 Kelurahan Medan Satria
Bekasi 17132 Jawa Barat

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