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Job Vacancy PT Sinar Sosro October 2012

Job Vacancy PT Sinar Sosro October 2012. PT Sinar Sosro is a leading national private company engaged in the drinks. Sosro a pioneer ready to drink tea products in packaging that is the first in Indonesia. Sosro name is taken from the name of the founder family Sosrodjojo. In 1940, Family Sosrodjojo start a business in a small town called Slawi in Central Java. At the start of the business, the products sold are dry tea brand Teh Cap Botol which is still endemic area around Central Java. In 1953, Family Sosrodjojo began to expand its business by venturing into the capital Jakarta to introduce products Teh Cap Botol that is very popular in Central Java.

PT Sinar Sosro come a long way in introducing Teh Cap Botol was started by tasting strategy Sense (product sampling) to several markets in the city. Initially, coming into these markets to introduce  Teh Cap Botol by cooking and brewing tea on the spot. Once the brew is ready, the tea will be distributed to people who are on the market. But this method is less successful because the tea has been brewed too hot and the presentation too long in the market so that visitors can not wait to taste it. The second way, is no longer brewed tea directly in the market, but put into large pots for later brought to market by using a pickup. Again, this method is less successful because the tea was brought, mostly spilled on the way from work to the market. This is due at the time of the streets in the city are hollow and not as good as now.

PT Sinar Sosro born in 1969, when it appeared the idea to sell the tea is ready to drink (ready to drink tea) in bottles, and in 1974 founded PT Sinar Sosro that is ready to drink tea factory in bottles first in Indonesia and in the world.
We invite You to join us at Job Vacancies PT Sinar Sosro October 2012, join us for make a Career and become Profesional, position as :
Supervisory Trainee Production
(West Java - Tambun)Requirements :
  1. Maximum age 28 years,
  2. Education min Diploma 3 (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering) with min GPA 2.75
  3. Having experience min 2 years
  4. Mastering Windows, Ms. Office
  5. Have knowledge of ISO 9001:2008, GMP and HACCP
  6. Proficient in English both oral or written
  7. Communicative, workers hard work and a good personality
  8. Willing to work with the Shift system
If You have Interested and meet Qualifications  a PT Sinar Sosro Jobs above, please send Your Job Application and complete CV before November 21, 2012 to :

Human Resource Development
Jl. Diponegoro KM. 39, Desa Jatimulia
Tambun Bekasi 17510
email :