Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012

Job Vacancy PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals

Job Vacancy PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals. PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals was founded in 1977 as a joint - venture between the Kao Corporation of Japan and a local company in Indonesia. In 1996 the shareholders and the company name changed. Since then the name PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals became familiar to the people of Indonesia. PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals is a world leader in the chemical industry surfactant. We provide some surfactant products for consumer goods, specialty chemicals and ready-made products. Kao has committed to contribute to the Indonesian people through quality products and branded. Our primary mission "to fight for wholehearted satisfaction and provide for every person in the world" is a strong grounding in the business we conduct.

PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals
PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals also believe that the sustainability of our business are inseparable darikeberlangsungan natural life around, including the natural environment, the community and its people. It is important that we can continue to carry out our mission now and for future generations. So we are committed to contributing to global sustainability by continuing to innovate.

Through this Job Website we tell you about Job Vacancies PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals currently require some Young Professionals who are committed to progress and have a passion to work hard and have less requirements as follows:
Requirements :
  1. Man
  2. S1 graduate in Chemical Engineering / Industrial Engineering
  3. Age 23-25 ​​years
  4. Fluent in English
  5. Good leadership and motivation
  6. Willing to work and live in areas Tambun or Karawang
  7. Willing to follow the selection held by the Company in Tambun - Bekasi
If you have interested and meet qualifications PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals Jobs, please send your Job Application and CV before November 15, 2012 to :

Human Resources PT. Kao Indonesia Chemicals Jl. Kingdom Tambun K.M. 42, Tambun Bekasi 17 510
Email : rinni@kaochem.co.id