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Job Vacancy PT Bank Mega Tbk October 2012

Job Vacancy Bank Mega October 2012. PT Bank Mega Tbk Starting from a family-owned enterprise called PT. Karman Bank which was established in 1969 and based in Surabaya, then in 1992 changed its name to PT. Mega Bank and Headquarters relocated to Jakarta. Along with the development of PT Bank Mega Tbk in 1996 was taken over by PARA GROUP (PT Para Global Investindo and PT. Para Rekan Investama). To further enhance the image of the PT Bank Mega Tbk, in June 1997 to change the logo with the aim that the public confidence in financial institutions, will be more easily recognized through a new company logo. And in 2000 to amend the name of PT. Mega Bank to PT. Bank Mega. In order to strengthen the capital structure of the same year PT. Bank Mega carry out an initial public offering and listed on the JSX and SSX. Thus most of the PT. Mega Bank is owned by the public and changed its name to PT. Bank Mega Tbk.
Job Vacancy PT Bank Mega Tbk October 2012

At the time of economic crisis, PT Bank Mega Tbk sticking out as one of the banks that are not affected by the crisis and continue to grow without the help of the government, together with Citibank, Deutsche Bank and HSBC. PT. Bank Mega Tbk. with the slogan "Your goal Mega" is growing fast and controlled as well as a leading financial institution that is able to be aligned with the leading banks in the Asia Pacific region and has received numerous awards and achievements at the national, regional and international levels. In an effort to realize the performance according to the name it bears, PT. Bank Mega Tbk. adhering to the principles of professionalism, transparency and prudence with strong capital structure as well as the latest products and banking facilities.
Through this Job Website, we tell You about Job Vacancies PT Bank Mega Tbk. Join us for make a Career and become a Profesional at position as :

Team Leader FundingJakarta

Requirements :
  1. Male / Female, Diploma 3 various subjects.
  2. Maximum age 35 years.
  3. Banking Profile (Dressed Neat & Interesting)
  4. Have the ability to communicate well.
  5. Able to operate computer (MS Office + Excel Min).
  6. 2-5 years experience in marketing bank or non-bank.
  7. Love a challenge and working with TARGET.
  8. Adaptive, Communicative & Persuasive
  9. Able to lead.
If You have interested and meet Qualifications a Job Advertisement PT Bank Mega Tbk above, please send Your Job Application and CV before November 18, 2012 to :
PT. Bank Mega Tbk
Menara Bank Mega
Jl. Kapten Tendean 12 - 14 A Lantai 11
Jakarta 12930