Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Job Vacancy Astra Credit Companies October 2012

Job Vacancy Astra Credit Companies October 2012. Astra Credit Companies are born from PT Astra Sedaya Finance is a financing company cars and heavy equipment in Indonesia. Astra Credit Companies was established to support automotive business group Astra. PT Astra Sedaya Finance, which is the forerunner of the ACC stands on July 15, 1982, with the name of PT Rahardja Sedaya. In 1990, PT Rahardja Sedaya renamed PT Astra Sedaya Finance. Since 1994, the ACC developed the brand Astra Credit Companies to support his efforts. In its development, PT Astra Sedaya Finance has investments in associate companies, namely PT Federal International Finance Pratama, PT Federal International Finance Swadharma Bhakti, PT Staco Estika Sedaya Finance and PT Astra Auto Finance.
Astra Credit Companies

Astra Credit Companies is fully committed to improving services to the community. ACC provides a financing facility for buying cars or heavy equipment in new condition or used. ACC also supports auto sales through a network of dealers, showrooms and individuals throughout Indonesia. ACC network is spread in almost all major cities in Indonesia. Currently, the ACC has 59 service offices in 48 cities, and will continue to grow. ACC has always maintained its reputation as a leading finance company in Indonesia. When the economic crisis hit Indonesia in 1998, the ACC can get past this crisis well. Included also can repay the loan syndication in 1999, no restructuring. In 2000, the ACC began to issue bonds, from ASF ASF I to XII. And one more value than the ACC as the largest and leading finance company in Indonesia, has always paid the principal debt and interest on time.

Through this Job Vacancies Astra Credit Companies, we invite You, Job Seeker and Profesional to join us for make a Career at position as :

Analyst Programmer (AP)

Responsibilities :
  • Served analyze system designs to be made in the form of program
Requirements :
  1. Minimal S1 from Information Technology, Information Systems or Computer Science
  2. GPA of at least 2.75
  3. The study period up to 5 years
  4. Maximum age 30 years
  5. Work experience is not preferred
  6. Have the ability to programming, understanding knowledge of database programming like SQL & PL / SQL, understand microsoft office and understand the Software Development Life Cycle
  7. Able to communicate well
If you have interested and meet qualifications a Job Advertisement Astra Credit Companies, please send Your Job Application and complete CV to :
Astra Credit Companies